How Cameron Diaz Helped Save Robbie Williams’ Relationship With His Wife – E! Online

How Cameron Diaz Helped Save Robbie Williams' Relationship With His Wife - E! Online

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Relationship assistance can in some cases come when you least anticipate it.

While Robbie Williams and his better half Ayda Field Williams are incredibly in love, their love wasn’t constantly ideal.

On the Aug. 5 episode of their podcast (Staying) At Home With the Williamses, the Hollywood couple opened about a duration of their relationship when they were on a break. But as Robbie remembered, a familiar starlet had the ability to supply some assistance.

According to Robbie, he was going to the Chateau Marmont hotel in Los Angeles one night when he started talking with Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore.

“I’m floating around and we had split up and I was chatting away with people and I had started to chat with Drew and Cameron. I started to espouse about this brilliant person that I had just ended a relationship with and there were all of these words coming out of my mouth about how incredible you were, how beautiful, smart, funny,” Robbie remembered to Ayda. “And Cameron Diaz said, ‘It doesn’t sound like that one’s over’ and in that moment the universe went, ‘Go to Ayda, be with her, marry her.'”

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