How Chris Pratt Supports Katherine While She’s Breastfeeding Baby Lyla – E! Online

How Chris Pratt Supports Katherine While She's Breastfeeding Baby Lyla - E! Online

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Katherine Schwarzenegger could not request for a much better colleague to assist advise her of what truly matters as they raise their very first kid. 

As part of her “BDA (Before, During & After) Baby” video series, she talked about motherhood with design Iskra Lawrence. Katherine described that when she breastfeeds Lyla, spouse Chris Pratt has a fantastic method of keeping whatever in viewpoint. The set, who got married in June 2019, invited their child in August 2020. 

“My husband has always been super supportive,” Katherine shown Iskra, who invited her very first kid in April 2020. “He’ll look at our daughter and be like, ‘Can you believe your body is able to feed our baby?’ And sometimes, I think—especially as women with this pressure to bounce back after baby—you have to keep in mind that when you’re breastfeeding, you need to, as my husband says, ‘eat to win,’ and to feed yourself so you can also properly nourish your baby. Because for a lot of people, what you eat and how you treat your body also hugely impacts your milk supply.”

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