How Comic Matt Rife Captured the Heart of TikTok–And Hot Mom Christina

How Comic Matt Rife Captured the Heart of TikTok—And Hot Mom Christina

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The experience of getting in touch with audience members isn’t one that is foreign to Matt, as his programs constantly consist of crowd work. But in some cases individuals take that an action too far and presume heckling will gather them the attention they desire.

“It’s something I completely understand,” Matt admitted. “I’ve noticed that I’m a lot of people’s first introduction to comedy.”

Which is why he attempts not to be impolite, though. “I do shut it down, for sure,” he stated, “because that’s not what the show is. Comedy is 1,000 percent about timing.”

And if you actually do desire Matt’s attention, observe this piece of suggestions: “It’s rarely the person who tries to yell out and get attention who’s the most funny person to have an interaction with,” he described. “It’s always the most reluctant person in the front row you’d least expect to have a crazy story about them. If you’re just patient and sit back and relax, it’ll unfold naturally, I promise.”

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