How do I try the Winter Olympics 2018 sport and how is it scored?


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WITH the 2018 Winter Olympic Video games drawing to an in depth in Pyeongchang, Group GB’s feminine curlers are nonetheless very a lot within the hunt for a medal.

Eve Muirhead’s aspect have reached the ultimate 4, after the lads bowed out to Switzerland in a dramatic tie-breaker.

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Scotland’s Eve Muirhead skippered Group GB to bronze within the curling 4 years in the past

What’s curling?

CURLING is a teamed occasion with as much as 4 gamers, by which gamers slide stones throughout a marked space of ice in direction of a goal space.

The purpose is to get the stone, or a collection of stones, as near the center as doable, the stones or variety of stones closest wins.

There are eight ends in a match, 16 stones are thrown, every workforce scores some extent for every stone nearer than their opponents greatest stone.

The origins of curling started way back to the 16th century in Scotland, earlier than establishing itself abroad in Canada, the place the Royal Montreal Curling Membership was based in 1807 – the oldest sports activities membership nonetheless energetic at this time.

The primary recorded world championship for curling was held in Falkirk and Edinburgh in 1959, solely restricted to male opponents.

How do I get into it and are there curling rinks in England?

YOU can start to be taught the artwork of curling by beginning in taster classes and newbie courses that happen in Scotland, there are additionally curling ice rinks in Tunbridge Wells, England and Wales.

There you’ll be able to be taught the fundamentals of the game, finding out the principles and rules and the gear athletes use.

It is a enjoyable option to familiarise your self with one of many Winter Olympics most difficult sports activities.

What are the different types of curling competition?

THERE are three different events in curling.

Mixed doubles: This involves a team of two, one man and one woman.

The competition lasts six days, four hold the round robins, the penultimate day holds the semi-final and the sixth and final day of competition hosts the third-place play-off and the final.

At the beginning of each end, two stones start in play. Five stones are played per team, scoring is the same as the men and women events.

One player on each team is required to throw the first and last stones on each end, the other throws in other three.

This year’s games is the first year mixed doubles has been included on the official Olympic programme.

 Siblings Matt and Rebecca Hamilton competed in the mixed curling in PyeongChang - the first time the event was at the Olympics


Siblings Matt and Rebecca Hamilton competed in the mixed curling in PyeongChang – the first time the event was at the Olympics

Men and women: As mentioned previously, men and women’s teams are made up of four players. Each player has different roles, ranging from a lead, second, third and a skip (captain).

The lead is responsible for delivering the first two stones, the second delivers the second pair of stones and the third the second-to-last pair.

Each swap duties when one another delivers the stones, they mainly sweep for each of their team-mates. The skip on the other hand, has the role of captain and is tasked with determining the strategy.

They also hold a broom in the target area to indicate to a team-mate where to aim and they are usually tasked with throwing the last two stones.

Russian curler Anastasia Bryzgalova tumbles on the ice at PyeongChang Winter Olympics

When was it introduced in the Winter Olympics?

CURLING was first included in the Winter Olympics in 1924, however, the results were not considered official until 2006 by the International Olympic Committee.

The sport was added to the official programme in 1998. In that time, Canada has tended to dominate each of the three staged events.

They have won three golds in the men’s, two in the women’s and won the inaugural mixed doubles on Tuesday.

 Team GB's curling team are European Champions and are hoping to medal in PyeongChang

Instagram: @evemuirhead

Team GB’s curling team are European Champions and are hoping to medal in PyeongChang


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