How Gentefied Star Julissa Calder ón Manifested Her Dreams

How Gentefied Star Julissa Calderón Manifested Her Dreams

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“It’s very interesting to see the person that I am now and how I evolved,” she shared. “But one thing that stayed the same is that the dream never went away.”

In reality, Julissa exposed that her course didn’t constantly lead her to the show business. But in spite of the roadway obstructs and detours, she still handled to discover her method towards Hollywood’s searchlights.

“I went to college as a pre-med major,” she remembered. “But I have a middle school project from eighth grade where I said, ‘I’m going to have my name in lights and everyone’s going to know the amazing actress that I am.'”

She continued, “When we come from these brown and Black households, it’s hard to say that you want to be an actress or a singer, because we know that our parents weren’t fortunate enough to have that privilege. And I went into pre-med thinking I’m going to have a great career but I saw journal entries of not being happy.”

The “shift,” she described, took place when she changed her significant to theater and “knowing this is what I was meant to do.”