How Jennifer Lopez Is Helping Shine a Light on Latina Entrepreneurs

How Jennifer Lopez Is Helping Shine a Light on Latina Entrepreneurs

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Jenny headed back to the Block to do some excellent.

On Sunday,Sept 12, fresh from her Venice vacation, Jennifer Lopez went to an intimate conversation in her native district of the Bronx, N.Y. The occasion, which highlighted the brand-new mission-driven platform, Limitless Labs– was held at the Lit Bar, a Latina- owned book shop not far from where Jennifer matured. The conversation likewise included Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon, U.S. Small Business Administration administrator Isabel Guzman, and a group of Latina entrepreneur in theBronx

J.Lo’s partner, Ben Affleck, remained in participation and likewise hung around with the business owners. He was even reported to have actually acquired an armful of books from the regional book shop.

As part of the conversation, the artist revealed that she is partnering with Goldman Sachs’ 10,000 Small Businesses program to “elevate and support Latina entrepreneurs,” intended to hire more entrepreneur to 10,000 small companies nationally, with a concentrate on those based in theBronx The interesting statement comes simply days prior to the start of National Hispanic Heritage Month.

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