How Jessie James Decker’s Kids Have Adjusted to Life With BabyNo 4


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Jessie James Decker Gives Birth to BabyNo 4

Jessie James Decker‘s heart is all filled.

After all, the vocalist and her partner Eric Decker included another to their household– with child Denver signing up with brother or sisters Vivianne, 9; Eric, 8; and Forrest, 5, last month.

“Having four kids is wild,” Jessie specifically informed E! over e-mail. “I never knew I would, but I love it. I love being a mom. It’s just what I was born to do.”

As for how Denver’s sibling and bros are adapting to life with a child in your home once again?

“The big kids are super helpful,” Jessie shared. “They’ll do things like grab me a diaper or wipes. Vivi loves holding him while I’m cooking dinner. They love him so much and feel very protective of him.”

While the Kittenish creator “felt very seasoned” going through the newborn stage for the 4th time, stabilizing life with a youngster and 3 older kids isn’t without obstacles. And herNo 1 colleague Eric has actually assisted hold down the fort.