How Kobe Bryant Embodied the Joys of Being a Girl Dad – E! Online

How Kobe Bryant Embodied the Joys of Being a Girl Dad - E! Online

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Amid the reports gathering as Kobe’s life was analyzed from every angle—the exalted highs and career-threatening lows, the victorious and the turbulent, his breathtaking abilities and his all-too-human defects—came an ESPN section that especially stood apart amidst all the rest, one that commemorated an element of Kobe’s life that both highlighted his highests and which many individuals might in fact associate with.

Recalling conference Kobe backstage at an occasion when she was 8 months pregnant, SportsCenter anchor Elle Duncan informed of how he right away asked her how far along she was and what was she having. When Duncan informed him she was having a woman, he provided her a high 5 and gushed, “Girls are the best!” She asked if he had any guidance, and Kobe informed her, “Just be grateful that you’ve been given that gift because girls are amazing.” 

Asked if he desired more kids, the daddy of then just 3 children stated that other half Vanessa Bryant was up for attempting once again, due to the fact that possibly they’d lastly have a kid. Asked what he would do if he ended up being a papa to ladies, Kobe informed Duncan, “I would have 5 more ladies if I could. I’m a lady daddy.” (Parents of Natalia, Gigi and Bianka, Kobe and Vanessa invited child Capri in June 2019.)

With tears welling, the host signed off, stating, “When I reflect on this tragedy and that half an hour that I spent with Kobe Bryant two years ago, I suppose that the only small source of comfort for me is knowing that he died doing what he loved the most—being a dad. Being a girl dad.” 

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