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Before Mark Cuban spent lavishly on sports groups and personal jets, he drove vehicles that didn’t cost him more than $200

He even got one free of charge, Cuban informed Bill Maher on a December episode of the Club RandomPodcast One of his very first vehicles, a 1977 Fiat X1/9 with holes in the floorboard, passed away after his cross-country relocation from Indiana to Dallas in 1982, he stated. He needed to drawback flights with good friends up until, one day, they discovered a deserted vehicle on the side of the roadway.

He made his good friends pull over. The vehicle was opened, and he observed an envelope packed with loan documents resting on the front seat.

” I understood from my own individual experience that somebody had actually deserted [the car], since they could not make the payment,” Cuban stated. The next day, he called authorities at the bank, informed them he discovered a vehicle they were searching for and used to take control of the payments. They concurred, he stated.

The technique isn’t precisely replicable, Cuban kept in mind: You can’t count on discovering a working deserted vehicle and getting it lawfully, and it’s more difficult now to call a bank and in fact speak with a genuine individual.

Other money-saving hacks from Cuban’s 20 s stay functional for today’s young people. At age 24, Cuban resided in a three-bedroom home with 5 roomies, he composed in a 2009 article. He likewise went to grocery stores in the middle of the night to score food discount rates, he informed Maher.

” I utilized to go to the supermarket at midnight since they reduced the cost of chicken and these huge [bags of] French french fries to $1.29,” he stated on the podcast. “And I would buy a bunch of them.”

Cuban’s vibrant thriftiness, especially when it concerned vehicles, originated from his desire to prevent needing to work, he informed Money in 2017.

“I was determined to be able to retire,” he stated. “I valued time more than anything. I wanted enough money to be able to travel, have fun, and party like a rock star, but still live like a student. That was my motivation.”

Cuban got his opportunity to retire early after ending up being a millionaire at age32 He chose versus it after understanding he was “too competitive” to leave the entrepreneurial world, he informed Wharton psychologist Adam Grant’s “Re:Thinking” podcast in 2015.

Still, his riches didn’t alter his costs practices “all that much,” he informed Money.

“I bought a plane … because the asset I value the most is time, and that bought me time,” Cuban stated. “Other than that, I’ve lived in the same house for 18 years and still have the same cars.”

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