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Orlando Bloom is bit competitive when it pertains to fathership. 

The star confessed he’s executing all sort of strategies to attempt to get his 6-month-old child, Daisy Dove, to state “Dad” prior to “Mom,” or any other word for that matter. 

On Friday, Feb. 26, he informed Graham Norton that he’s been utilizing memorable tunes to attempt to convince Daisy to state her very first words. 

Orlando stated it started his when his fiancé, Katy Perry, was pregnant and he would sing to her child bump. “I’m constantly talking to it, chanting, singing to it,” he shared. “Now I sing anything that has ‘Daddy’ in it. I’m like just because I want her to say ‘Dad’ before she says anything else.” 

The Lord of the Rings alum then blessed us with a sample of his lullabies when he sang, “I’m like, ‘Daddy loves his Daisy Dove.'” 

We can’t assist however question how Katy (ahem, a 13-time Grammy candidate) feels about his shenanigans. Orlando admitted the American Idol judge most likely has a much better singing voice than he does. He joked of his child woman, “She’s like, ‘Yeah, Mom’s gonna be much better at this than you.'”

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