How Reddit made its Super Bowl industrial in less than a week

How Reddit made its Super Bowl commercial in less than a week

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While viewing the Super Bowl Sunday night, audiences in particular markets saw a distinctive five-second advertisement from Reddit. “Wow, this actually worked,” text on the advertisement read. “If you’re reading this, our bet paid off.”

The advertisement, which ran in just particular markets, at first triggered a little confusion. Many paused their broadcasts to read it more carefully. Some apparently thought aliens were taking control of their TELEVISION. 

“Big game spots are expensive, so we couldn’t buy a full one,” the business stated in the advertisement. “But we were inspired and decided to spend our entire marketing budget on 5 seconds of airtime. One thing we learned from our communities last week is that underdogs can accomplish just about anything when they come together around a common idea.”

Reddit in fact had not chosen to do a Super Bowl area till a week earlier, according to the business’s Chief Marketing Officer Roxy Young. But discussion about the website was striking a fever pitch in current weeks as Reddit was main to the current market fad around Gamestop. 

“We started to see the velocity of conversation around Reddit, around our communities. And it was increasing significantly over the last few weeks…” Young informed CNBC in an interview Monday. “It’s my responsibility as a marketer to think about these opportunities, and how we can use them as a springboard to extend our message and to share more about what we believe in as a platform.” 

But she wasn’t sure if the business would have the ability to do pull it off. 

“I think any marketer would ask themselves, is there an opportunity for us to be in this conversation when millions of people are tuning into a singular event?” she stated. “And, to be honest, I thought about it, and I thought about it again, and I just didn’t think that we would be able to pull it off.” 

Young stated the cost for the normal Super Bowl area, approximately $5.5 million for 30 seconds of airtime, ran out grab the business. So Reddit dealt with its firm, Interpublic Group’s R/GA, to determine whether it needs to do a much shorter area, or focus its efforts regionally rather of nationally. 

“Our creative partners at RGA had a fantastic idea to start inquiring about whether five seconds was possible,” Young stated. “And luckily, we use RGA for both creative and media, so we have the whole in-house team working…  to find a solution and an opportunity. And where we landed was five seconds in nine of the top 10 regional markets.” 

Short advertisements can still pull a punch. Tide’s “It’s a Tide Ad” project in 2018 consisted of a string of shorter-format advertisements throughout the video game and landed the brand name as a slot in among the most-loved projects in current history.

Young stated the business was intending to get in all 10 leading local markets, however that time in Houston had actually currently offered out. The business wound up running the area as a local buy in New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Boston and Washington, D.C.

After making the call to do the advertisement last Monday, Young stated the business and imaginative partners worked Tuesday and Wednesday to gather the area given that the imaginative was due Thursday early morning. 

“We were able to see something around people being really passionate about stocks and personal finance, and we knew what we wanted to say,” she stated. “Once we once we nailed that, then the execution, the creative execution, was actually pretty straightforward: Those words on one single screen.”

Then, she stated they invested Friday thinking of how they would bring the project to life on Reddit’s site. And though the advertisement got lots of play internally on Reddit, the focus was likewise on talking to non-Reddit users.

“Given that there was this increased velocity of people seeing and hearing about our brand, my first responsibility was to figure out how we can extend this out into a broader audience,” Young stated. “And if people were hearing about Reddit, how can we connect some of those those dots? And I think in doing that, we had to be true to ourselves and who we are with our candid and brilliantly absurd tone… I think that by doing that, the creative style and tone, it also spoke to our existing communities. So hopefully it achieved both.” 

Reddit is a 15-year-old business however is still rather brand-new to brand name marketing. Young stated the business has fairly little test budget plans to check out a couple of various strategies, or it supmakes one huge bet. She stated the business will be taking a look at just how much made media protection it gets, how individuals react and how beneficial it was viewed in figuring out whether it will make future plays like this. 

Though the group created the advertisement in a brief period of time, Young stated the group wasn’t losing much sleep over it.

“We actually slept, and the reason why is we had such clarity about our message, and the power of our communities,” she stated. “And, you know, we were seeing it in real life.”

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