How Snow Takes Center Stage in the Hunger Games Prequel

The Games Begin in Dramatic Hunger Games Prequel Trailer

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Snow is all set for his close up.

After all, while The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes when again sees a District 12 homage and Coriolanus Snow take on, in the Hunger Games prequel it’s a more youthful model of Panem’s future president, played by Tom Blyth, who acts as the movie’s center.

“I will say the biggest difference,” director Francis Lawrence, who likewise directed 3 of the initial Hunger Games movies, solely informed E! News, “is that the true protagonist of this is Snow, is Tom Blyth. That’s the big change. We’ve made young Snow the protagonist of this.”

And for Lawrence, the 28- year-old more than increased to the event.

“For me, without giving too many spoilers,” he exposed, “there’s a scene almost near the very end in the forest with Snow when he’s going dark. There’s very, very little dialogue. And I think Tom’s performance is just phenomenal.”

In truth, it showed important for the Red Sparrow director.