How TELEVISION Cops Have Responded to the Protests After the Death of George Floyd

How TV Cops Have Responded to the Protests After the Death of George Floyd

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SVU novice Jamie Gray Hyder, who plays officer Kat Tamin, has actually been out opposing, publishing videos and images from the marches she’s belonged of along with details about continuous presentations, and contacts us to action to get justice for Breonna Taylor and to rescind 50-a, an NYC law that safeguards cops workers records. The repeal was passed previously today. 

On Thursday, Hyder likewise published a declaration to social networks “on playing a cop,” with the hashtag #blacklivesmatter. 

“Yes, it is a weird time to be playing a cop on television, especially as I march alongside the 1,000s in NYC protesting police brutality,” she composed. “I believe the officers we represent on our show are the ones you want to show up in your time of need, empathetic and kind, but sadly fictional.”

“Countless survivors of sexual assault have approached me in public and expressed how they wished we were the officers handling their real cases. I do believe there are police like our characters who are good people with good intentions, but that isn’t enough when all police are part of an inherently discriminate system,” she continued. “I believe our show strives to positively represent the real SVU officers doing good in the NYPD, but I don’t think we’ve shied away from discussing the shortcomings of the criminal justice and law enforcement systems, and the lack of caring for minority and impoverished victims.” 

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