How The Home Edit’s Clea Is Finding the Positive in Her Cancer Journey

How The Home Edit's Clea Is Finding the Positive in Her Cancer Journey

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Cancer can’t frighten Clea Shearer

Back in April, the expert organizer revealed that she was detected with breast cancer. Since then, the 40- year-old has actually discovered an entire brand-new function in utilizing her platform to inform ladies about the significance of early detection.

“Prioritizing our health is just something that traditionally, a lot of women, at least myself, just don’t do,” Clea solely shown E!News “We’re busy and it’s a really inconvenient truth to find something in your body such as cancer. The more we dial in and focus in on what our bodies are telling us, the better.”

After finding 2 swellings throughout a regular self-exam in February, Clea stated she defended a mammogram and an ultrasound. Despite no household history, an emergency situation triple biopsy validated she had 2 growths determining one centimeter each.

After sharing her story, Clea has actually been comforted understanding she is not alone in her cancer fight. “I need to listen to my body,” she stated. “So many people are now on that same journey and we’re doing it together.”