How to bring back cell service after a natural catastrophe – Video

How to restore cell service after a natural disaster - Video

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The winds are relentless today.
It’s practically as if a few of these structures have actually been through a mixer.
The loss of phone service on the island has actually made the healing procedure even harder.
How long do you believe it’s gonna consider you to have power?
We require water waiting.
Cell phone service mobile phone services.
AT&T preserves 5 catastrophe healing storage facilities throughout the world.
There are 4 in the United States and one in the UK.
Anything from little regional catastrophe where Responders or consumers require additional service improved service wildfires, terrorist occurrences, regional emergency situations when catastrophes and emergency situation strike.
at&t has this devices these properties these storage facilities that are prepared to go and can be released throughout catastrophes to assist bring back service for our consumers.
One of the huge things that we utilize is called a sack cold.
So that’s a satellite selling light truck.
And it’s essentially a mobile cell website.
We can release these anywhere and supply cellular mobile service to our consumers.
[IN AUDIBLE] Right now we remain in among the catastrophe healing storage facilities that AT&T preserves.[BLANK AUDIO] This is among the FirstNet flying cows flying cow is flying cell on wings.
This functions as the cell tower itself.
This provides you the radio height.
So you get more protection.
It is a quadcopter.
This is the payload that the quadcopter can raise.
So this is the antenna and this is the radio, cellular radio.
It is connected.
So that indicates there is a cable television that originates from the bottom of the drone.
Connects back to a source of power and likewise links back to the backhaul.
So when I state backhaul, that’s how the cellular radio speak to the remainder of the world.
It does not simply take place by magic.
It’s got to talk by means of a fiber optic fiber optic connection or a satellite connection, or some other sort of sort of difficult connection.
This is a satellite cell on light trailer, the very same surface area Just in a various kind aspect.
So from a user viewpoint, if I take out my phone, and all of an unexpected all the macros around here closed down and we turn these up.
Same for me, I do not see a distinction.
I can still call house, I can still examine my e-mail.
I can still go to Google.
This one simply is what we call a flyaway.
So this one can be raised by helicopter or put onto a plane for transportation.
If we require to get to a location where there’s no roadways, bridges around floods, earthquakes, big holes underground, whatever it is, we can’t get to someplace.
We can raise something by means of helicopter and bring it to where it requires to go.
It’s about the objective How numerous users are you going to support?
What’s the traffic need?
Are you doing streaming video for let’s state cams or are you doing volti for phone conversation?
So we need to take a look at all of that traffic mix.
In order to make that choice.
The authorities department of fire department or whoever is doing search and rescue We’ll specify what the objective is this National Coordinating Center, that company has each of the providers and each of the telecom service providers as part of their constituency.
And they go over the ramifications.
Let’s state cyclone Maria as an example.
They will begin to amuse.
Okay, you understand XYZ provider has a failure, at&t can you assist them by supplying roaming protection, things of that nature.
And so in cyclone Maria, the response was definitely yes.
We at&t have actually asked for roaming from others.
In that cases and others have actually asked for roaming on us, which all occurs through our regulative company.
Each occasion has their own originality and Puerto Rico is a very difficult circumstance since of, The absence of food, the absence of water in a really damp and by means of hot environment.
You’re getting properties and individuals to an island.
It’s not like taking a trip throughout roadways in the United States.
I would state there was at least 1000 individuals from the mainland in Puerto Rico.
At the peak of Hurricane Maria, we in fact turned some airplane and boats from simply sending out innovation product over to Puerto Rico to simply flying food and water over to Puerto Rico.
We needed to do that.
Hurricane Michael has difficulties simply by the large destruction.
Their White Houses most likely 2000 square foot homes that will totally blown off their structures.
There was absolutely nothing left on the structures and they will most likely blown I’d state a minimum of a half a mile throughout throughout the roadway,after every storm We recall and state, Okay, what could we have done much better?
One of the enhancements that came out of Harvey was we faced problem making it through flooded locations.
So among the options that we developed and there are other options too is amphibious automobiles.
So this system can go on land or in any depth of water.
So it can enter a complete lake as much as nevertheless deep you wish to.
This system drifts, even if you get water on the within, it still drifts, still moves.
You can either fit freight or more individuals in here for there are [UNKNOWN] seats in here Flooded locations, muddy locations, swampy locations, you call it, we can arrive with these things.
When we are released to hot spot, individuals require a location to work.
This is our rolling office.
We have radios, Hf radios.
Stationed all around so we can talk with our folks in the field.
It is air conditioned, it has its own generator.
This is where the magic is.
This is how we link back to the 18t land.
There’s a dish antenna on the roofing system.
I in fact oversleeped here for Okay, Michael.
Wasn’t so bad, since there are no hotel spaces at all readily available and I drove this down so I got to oversleep it.
When we enter into a hot spot, we absolutely do not wish to tax the city.
Folks there require to discover their own hotel spaces they require to discover food.
They require to go fix their homes.
So we wish to bring whatever that we believe we’re going to require with us.
So inside here you men can come within.
So in here is whatever you would ever require ever.
We have whatever from screwdrivers to welders, to blowers to chain saws.
To hammer drills to select axes to every size tie wrap, you can see whatever’s identified.
We have among these in each of our storage facilities.
They’re all set up the very same.
We keep whatever powered up since when I ensure these are constantly working constantly up and prepared.
I believe it was Michael we required to cut something or grind something.
And we didn’t have any angle mills and we did need to go out and buy them.
But ever since, every storage facility now has numerous angle angle mills
I personally was down in Mexico Beach When we established the seconds there in Mexico Beach, who 3 days after the storm hit, and it was it was a battle zone.
I keep in mind seeing individuals simply roaming around.
And as soon as we set it up, they were extremely, extremely appreciative that they might call house.
I was at one area among the other groups down the street.
They in fact had someone show up and they had the ability to provide a phone they had the ability to call their child or some brother or sister and state yes, I’m alive and they had actually spoken with a 3 days.
So you understand, pack like that is truly incredible.
Because they these individuals lost whatever.
And for them to be able to call a member of the family and state, yeah, I’m alive and I’m fine.
That’s excellent.

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