How to create an SSH jailed user on Debian 9


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Discover ways to restrict what SSH customers can do by jailing them with the assistance of Jailkit.

The best way to create an SSH jailed consumer on Debian 9
Discover ways to restrict what SSH customers can do by jailing them with the assistance of Jailkit.

When you might have a Linux server that enables customers to safe shell in, you may wish to take management of what information and instructions these customers can entry. How do you do this? You create a chroot jail for this function. As soon as the jail is created, and a consumer is added to the jail, they’re locked into that jail and can’t acquire entry to the remainder of the listing construction.

One solution to make this occur is with Jailkit. Jailkit is a set of utilities to restrict consumer entry, utilizing chroot. I’ll stroll you thru the method of putting in Jailkit on Debian 9, after which learn how to jail a selected consumer.

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What you want

The one issues you should make this work are:

  • A operating occasion of Debian 9.
  • A consumer account with sudo entry.

Set up

Jailkit is not present in the usual repositories, so set up is a little more concerned than the same old job. The very first thing to do is to put in the mandatory dependencies. Open a terminal window, su to the basis consumer, and concern the next command:

apt-get set up build-essential autoconf automake1.11 libtool flex bison debhelper binutils-gold python wget -y

As soon as the above command completes, obtain and unpack the newest model of Jailkit (as of this writing, 2.20) with the instructions:

cd ~/tmp
tar xvfz jailkit-2.20.tar.gz
cd jailkit-2.20

Now we are able to set up Jailkit with the next instructions:

echo 5 > debian/compat
./debian/guidelines binary
cd ..
dpkg -i jailkit_2.20-1_amd64.deb

That is it, Jailkit is now put in and prepared for use.

Create and jailing a brand new consumer

We’ll take a look at this out on a brand new consumer (as we do not wish to lock out an everyday consumer by mistake). Let’s create the consumer devin with the command:

useradd devin 

Reply the required questions to finish the addition of the consumer.

Now we will create the jail for our new consumer. Subject the command:

mkdir /jail

With the listing created for the jail, we will add just a few instructions that might be allowed by Devin. Let’s assume that Devin solely wants entry to a reasonably fundamental set of instructions (similar to basicshell, the jailkit restricted shell, netutils, ssh, scp, and sftp). So as to add these instructions to the jail, concern the command:

jk_init -v /jail netutils basicshell jk_lsh ssh scp sftp 

In the event you get an error stating the supply file /usr/lib/misc/sftp-server doesn’t exist, you will must do the next:

  1. Subject the command nano /and so forth/jailkit/jk_init.ini.
  2. Search for the [sftp] part.
  3. Change /usr/libexec/openssh/sftp-server to /usr/lib/openssh/sftp-server.
  4. Save and shut the file.

Now we have to add the consumer to the jail with the command:

jk_jailuser -m -j /jail/ devin

As soon as the consumer is added to the jail, for those who try and ssh into the machine with that consumer, you will get bumped proper again out. Why? As a result of that consumer does not have a configured shell. To do this, we have to modify a single file. Subject the command:

nano /jail/and so forth/passwd

Search for the road that begins with devin and alter the shell entry from:




Save and shut that file.

Now, whenever you try and Safe Shell into the Debian 9 machine, because the jailed consumer, you will end up in a restricted chroot, the place sure instructions is not going to work and the consumer can’t transfer exterior of the jail (Determine A).

Figure A

Determine A: Though the /information listing exists, devin can’t entry it.

And that’s the way you create an SSH jailed consumer on Debian 9. There’s rather more to be gleaned from the Jailkit device, however you now have a fundamental understanding of learn how to create customers after which jail them with this helpful device.

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