How to keep an avocado from turning brown


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Avocado is a kind of substances that may take a median dish to a brand new, scrumptious stage all by itself. From crisp salads to scorching fajitas to your morning toast, nearly something may be enhanced by the creamy, inexperienced fruit (yep, it’s a fruit!).

However when you begin slicing and dicing that avocado, you’ve obtained a comparatively quick window to include it into your recipe earlier than it begins to show brown. Positive, you won’t get sick from consuming that barely speckled piece, however in the case of presenting a fairly plate, most individuals are likely to frown on brown.

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Whether or not including it to a sandwich or topping a bowl of chili, you don’t at all times use a complete avocado in a single dish. If you happen to’re hanging on to the opposite half, you’ll be able to retailer it within the fridge for a later use—however the best way you retailer it’s important for making certain your avocado appears to be like contemporary, inexperienced and able to add some cool, creamy goodness to your favourite recipe.

Why avocados brown

Earlier than moving into the options for conserving a sliced avocado inexperienced, it’s essential to grasp why it turns brown within the first place. Avocados include an enzyme referred to as polyphenol oxidase, which turns the flesh brown when uncovered to air—or extra particularly, when it’s uncovered to oxygen. So so as to preserve that attractive inexperienced colour, the flesh of an avocado must be protected against oxygen publicity. (Ever surprise why it often stays inexperienced simply beneath the pit? The pit doesn’t maintain any magical powers—it simply acts as a barrier in opposition to oxygen till it’s eliminated.)

The next options aren’t eternal—ultimately the uncovered flesh will brown after a time frame, however these strategies will assist lengthen the time you’ll be able to retailer your sliced avocado with out worrying about extreme browning.

Trick No. 1: Seal with plastic wrap

If you happen to’ve halved an avocado, fastidiously apply plastic wrap easily in opposition to the flesh. You possibly can go away the pit in or take it out, however if you happen to do take away it, make sure that to flippantly press the plastic wrap alongside the nicely the place the pit was to make sure a good seal.

Trick No. 2: Give it a citrus twist

Citrus fruits naturally include sturdy antioxidants, which work in opposition to oxygen to decelerate spoiling or browning in sure meals. Merely brush a bit of lemon or lime juice throughout the flesh of a sliced avocado, seal it in an hermetic container, and it ought to delay the browning course of for a couple of day.

Trick No. three: Brush with oil

Oil may even assist oxygen from reaching the flesh of an avocado. Brush the uncovered space with olive or vegetable oil to create a barrier, then seal in an hermetic container—it ought to preserve from browning for a couple of day or so.

Trick No. four: Buddy up with onion

Onions aren’t only a tasty addition to guacamole—they’re naturally an avocado’s BFF: Brown-Preventing Good friend, that’s. Onions include sulfur compounds that, when launched, gradual the oxidation that causes browning. Roughly chop up a crimson onion, place it in an hermetic container, and lay your avocado half on prime. Bonus: you’re already partway by way of the prep for some unimaginable home made guacamole!

So go forward and fill up on some avocados, get slicing, then strive any of the strategies above (or check all of them to see which works greatest for you!). Learn up on these shocking enjoyable details in regards to the creamy, inexperienced energy meals, then put your star ingredient to make use of with some irresistible avocado recipes.

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