How to password protect the GRUB boot loader in Ubuntu


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Password defending the GRUB boot loader protects in opposition to undesirable rebooting and logging into your system, and stops undesirable customers from having access to single consumer mode.

Find out how to password defend the GRUB Boot Loader In Ubuntu
Though Linux is a really safe working system, there are steps you may take to make it much more one. One easy step is password defending the GRUB bootloader. Jack Wallen exhibits you h

There are such a lot of methods to make Linux safer. Some steps convey very massive enhancements, whereas others solely result in incremental adjustments. Despite the fact that a change is small, doesn’t suggest it might’t be mighty. One such safety change is to password defend the GRUB boot loader. This not solely protects in opposition to undesirable rebooting and logging into your system, however it additionally prevents undesirable customers from having access to single consumer mode.

Single consumer mode means that you can boot Ubuntu right into a particular mode that features root privileges. Meaning, with out figuring out the foundation password of a server somebody may (with the understanding of how single consumer mode works) modify or acquire entry to your system. Granted, the malicious consumer would want bodily entry to the pc to take action, however nothing must be left to likelihood. This is the reason it’s best to at all times password defend your GRUB boot loader in Ubuntu (and different Linux distributions).

I’ll show this course of on Ubuntu Server 18.04, however the course of ought to work on practically any Ubuntu model (and its derivatives).

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Follow first

Though this course of is not terribly troublesome, I do advocate practising the steps on a digital machine first. You do not need to simply dive into this on a manufacturing machine, solely to seek out you’ve got locked your self out, and the system will not boot.,

Setting the GRUB password

The very first thing you have to do is ready the GRUB password. Log into your machine and challenge the next command:


You’ll be prompted to create and confirm a password for GRUB (Determine A).

Figure A

Determine A: Making a password for GRUB.

As soon as that completes, the command will generate a hashed password. The hash will start with grub and finish with an extended string of characters. You will want to repeat that down.

Subsequent, we have to add the brand new hash to 00_header file. Difficulty the command:

sudo nano /and so forth/grub.d/00_header

On the backside of that file, paste the next:

cat << EOF
set superusers="admin"
password_pbkdf2 admin HASH

the place HASH is the hash generated earlier.

Save and shut that file. Replace GRUB with the command:

sudo update-grub

Booting up and logging in

Reboot your system. Quickly after the Ubuntu splash display screen seems, you ought to be prompted to sort a username. Within the configuration above we created the admin consumer, which would require the password we added with the grub-mkpasswd-pbkdf2 command. When you sort the username, hit Enter, and you will be prompted for the password (Determine B).

Figure BFigure B

Determine B: The password immediate to proceed booting into Single Consumer mode.

As soon as you’ve got efficiently typed the password, you may both end up in Single Consumer mode (in the event you opted for that boot methodology) or on the login immediate.

Use with warning

As I discussed, you’ll want to follow this with a digital machine, earlier than you apply it to any system in manufacturing. Locking down the GRUB boot loader can go an extended strategy to defending your Linux programs. It is not an enormous change, however it’s one that gives important dividends ultimately.

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Picture: Jack Wallen

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