How to tell the difference between apt-get upgrade, apt-get dist-upgrade, and do-release-upgrade


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Do not confuse the three instructions used for upgrading a Debian- or Ubuntu-based machine. As a substitute, be taught what every can do.

The distinction between apt-get improve, apt-get dist-upgrade, and do-release-upgrade
For those who’ve ever gone to improve a Debian- or Ububuntu-based machine, you may need been confused as to which command to run. Jack Wallen demystifies the three instructions used for upgrading.

Find out how to improve a Debian-based Linux distribution—let me rely the methods. There’s an apt-get improve, apt-get dist-upgrade, and do-release-upgrade. Say what? Why are there three completely different paths to upgrading an working system? Reality be informed, every of these instructions does various things. Confused?

Let me clarify.

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apt-get improve vs. apt-get dist-upgrade

Let’s first have a look at the distinction between apt-get improve and apt-get dist-upgrade (as that’s the place a lot of the confusion lies). If you run apt-get improve, it solely upgrades that which has a brand new launch obtainable to the platform, as outlined in /and many others/apt/sources.listing or in /and many others/apt/sources.listing.d/.

Nonetheless, once you run apt-get dist-upgrade, it should intelligently set up or take away packages as wanted, so as to full the improve. Apt-get dist-upgrade has a sensible battle decision system, so it should try and improve an important packages, on the expense of these deemed much less vital.

Apt-get improve doesn’t take away packages, it solely upgrades. Can you employ sudo apt-get dist-upgrade as your common improve device? Actually. Simply keep in mind, it should delete software program—whether it is required to finish the method.


The do-release-upgrade command, alternatively, is answerable for upgrading from one launch to a different. So if you wish to improve from Ubuntu 18.10 to 19.04, you employ do-release-upgrade.

Nonetheless, so as to use this command, the system should first be absolutely upgraded. To try this, you must first run sudo apt-get improve, adopted by sudo apt-get dist-upgrade. When these two full, you possibly can then run sudo do-release-upgrade and await the magic to finish.

The distinction between these instructions is vital. Actually, you would possibly need to learn up on the apt-get and do-release-upgrade man pages to seek out out extra. To try this, challenge the instructions man apt-get and man do-release-upgrade. Benefit from the learn.

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