How to use Firefox Send


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Sending bigger information does not get a lot simpler than Mozilla’s new service, Firefox Ship.

Tips on how to use Firefox Ship
Sending bigger information does not get a lot simpler than Mozilla’s new service, Firefox Ship. Jack Wallen exhibits you the way it’s accomplished.

E-mail is nice for sending small information. However what occurs when it’s worthwhile to ship a bigger file to a contact, shopper, buddy, or member of the family? Probabilities of your electronic mail internet hosting supplier permitting information as much as 2.5 GB are slim to none. You might add the file to your cloud supplier after which share a hyperlink, however these giant information may eat the rest of your treasured space for storing in your account. So what are you going to do?

You might flip to Mozilla’s new sharing service, Firefox Ship. This new software means that you can ship information as much as 2.5 GB and accomplish that utilizing end-to-end encryption. And for individuals who are paranoid about information theft, you get to find out when that file is not accessible, so there isn’t any concern of your treasured information remaining on a third-party server for somebody’s prying eyes.

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Set up

But how do you use Firefox Send? Easy. Let me show you. The first thing you must do is have a Firefox account. This is the same account used to sync your Firefox browsers. Once you have those account credentials in hand, go to and log in.

You can then either upload the file by clicking Select files to upload, or by dragging and dropping the file from your file manager. Select your options (when the file will expire, and if you want to protect the file with a password) and click Upload.

Once you upload the file, you’ll receive a link to share with the recipient. Copy that link and paste it into an email, and you’re good to go. After the file is uploaded and the link created, you can also manually delete the file by clicking the associated X. This can come in handy if you change your mind or accidentally upload the wrong file.

And that’s all there is to using Firefox Send. This is an incredibly handy service to have at the ready, especially when you’re in need of sharing larger files. Thank you, Mozilla, for Firefox Send.

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