How WEF’s youngest handling director conquered ‘imposter syndrome’

How WEF's youngest managing director overcame 'imposter syndrome'

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When Saadia Zahidi was selected to the World Economic Forum’s handling board at the age of 37, she believed she comprehended why she was at the table.

“It became pretty ingrained within me that clearly I was only here to bring some youth diversity, some gender diversity and some religious diversity,” Zahidi informed CNBC Make It.

She had actually not yet determined this thinking as “imposter syndrome,” however it had consequences.

“I held my voice back,” she confessed. “I spoke up only on the issues that I thought I was supposed to speak about, and not on the issues where I actually did have opinions, ideas and thoughts.”

Thankfully Zahidi’s external coaches, specifically her female ones, mentioned that she was experiencing “imposter syndrome” and motivated her to take on the issue head on.

“It’s only once I fully embraced it and named the problem that I was able to move forward and say, ‘I’m here for a reason,'” Zahidi stated. “I’ve got a seat at the table, and this is the moment to use your voice to try to make a difference.”

This is simply among 5 career-altering life lessons from SaadiaZahidi Watch the video above to discover the others.

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