Huge python terrifies golfers as it slithers across course causing them to halt game in South Africa


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Video shows gigantic reptile on fairway before golfer grabs its tail and sends it rushing into bunker

A GROUP of amateur golfers got the fright of their lives when their leisurely round was rudely interrupted – by a HUGE python.

The gigantic snake invaded the fairway before slithering into a bunker on the course in Zimbali in South Africa.

The giant python appeared on a fairway in South Africa

Apparently it calls the course home

Apparently it calls the course home

Unbelievably, one very brave (or very daft) golfer tried to grab the monstrous beast by the tail – and then jumped back in terror when it snappily recoiled!

Golfers on a course in Zimbali, South Africa, encountered a huge python that slithered onto the green

And, incredibly, it turns out the giant reptile is a regular feature at the east coast course just north of Durban.

“We do know that it hangs around near a water source on the course,” golf director Kyle Caitano told local media.

“It is quite rare to see it in the open. He went over the fairway, through a bunker and into the rough.”

Players will hope the python stays of the greens

Players will hope the python stays of the greens

It’s not the first time golfers in tropical – and non-tropical – climes have had to deal with terrifying beasts.

Last month Cody Gribble showed nerves of steel when he casually scared off an alligator that was near his ball in Florida.

And former Southamton footballer Matt Le Tissier stumbled into a scary snake while playing a course in SURREY last year.

Alligator interrupts play at Osprey Point Golf Course on Kiawah Island, South Carolina

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