Husham Al-Hashimi, leading Iraqi specialist on ISIS, shot dead in Baghdad

Husham Al-Hashimi, leading Iraqi expert on ISIS, shot dead in Baghdad

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A leading specialist on the Islamic State group who had actually just recently turned his attention to Iran-backed militias in Iraq was assassinated outside his house in Baghdad on Monday night, setting off profusion of sorrow amongst Iraq-watchers and experts.

Husham Al-Hashimi, 47, was assailed by 4 males on 2 bikes who shot him numerous times with silenced weapons, Saad Maan, a spokesperson for Iraq’s Interior Ministry stated. He was later on stated dead at a health center in the city.

There was no instant claim of duty for Al-Hashimi’s death. Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi condemned the killing and bought an investigative committee to learn who lagged the attack.

Al-Hashimi made his name and was looked for by reporters and legislators for his insights into the operations of ISIS, to name a few Islamic extremist groups. He even recommended the U.S.-led union throughout its years-long fight with the extremists, according to The Associated Press.

More just recently, after Iraq stated triumph over ISIS at the end of 2017, Al-Hashimi turned his attention to the nation’s effective Iran-backed militias who have actually been blamed for routine rocket attacks on U.S. interests in the nation.

A member of the Iraqi Advisory Council, a non-governmental group that promotes great governance and the guideline of law, and a fellow at Washington-D.C.-based think tank Center for Global Policy, Al-Hashimi was likewise a singing critic of corruption in post-Saddam Hussein Iraq.

In his last tweet, published soon prior to his death, Al-Hashimi contemplated the deep ethnic and sectarian divide in Iraqi politics today, which he described partially by the power-sharing quota system presented by the Americans following the 2003 intrusion.

Al-Hashimi’s death comes at a time of increasing stress in between al-Kadhimi’s brand-new federal government and Iran-lined up militias and political celebrations who oppose him and implicate him of siding with the United States. The prime minister commands a federal government that looks for to stabilize the contending interests of Washington and Tehran, the nation’s 2 concept allies.

The U.S. embassy in Baghdad explained Al-Hashimi as a “national treasure” and stated it was deeply stunned and saddened by the “cowardly murder” of the highly regarded scholastic. In a post on Facebook, it got in touch with the Iraqi federal government to bring those accountable to justice.

The U.K. and E.U. ambassadors to Iraq were likewise amongst those to reveal their acknowledgements and to require the wrongdoers to be held to account.

Iraq watchers all over the world utilized Twitter to reveal their suffering and anger at the killing.

“The cowards killed my friend and one of the brightest researchers in Iraq,” tweeted Harith Hasan, a senior fellow at the Carnegie Middle East Center believe tank in Lebanon. “I am shocked.”

Farhad Alaaldin, Chairman of the Iraq Advisory Council, of which Al-Hashimi was a member, stated his skill was “much needed in this ravaged land.”

“They couldn’t stand your criticisms, your bright analysis, your courage to show their shortcomings,” he published, without explaining whom he blamed for Al-Hashimi’s death.

Reuters and The Associated Press added to this report.

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