I like International Flavors & Fragrances over Amyris

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The Beachbody Company: “I remember when they came public. I was there on the floor of the stock exchange, but let me tell you the problem: I think they’re good, but there’s about four others that are out there now. There’s too many that are in that space, so I’m going to have to say no to that idea.”

Futu Holdings: “Chinese stocks. Here’s what’s going to take place: The Chinese stock exchange is going to rally, OK? It’s going to rally possibly for 2 weeks. I believe you can keep this for 2 weeks and after that … I desire [sell, sell, sell].”

Amyris Inc.: “That reminds me of a junior IFF, International Flavors & Fragrances. Why not buy IFF? I think that’s the better buy, and it’s been around forever.”

Citizens Financial Group: “What’s not to like? Three-and-a-half percent yield, has a nice P/E. It’s one of the better regionals. I’m going to throw in, though, First Horizon. I’m going to thrown FHN, just as a bonus. That’s a twofer.”

Ammo Inc.: “There’s just too many hunting plays. I’m going to have to say no to that one, too. I know that it’s inexpensive. I know it’s got very good financials, but I also know that in the end, I mean, how many gun plays can you buy? I mean, how many ammos can you buy? I’m going to have to say no again.”

Lam Research Corporation: “I think Lam is terrific. Nvidia is not of this world. … But that doesn’t mean Lam isn’t really good.”

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