I make $160,000 a month in passive earnings– here’s myNo 1 pointer for developing a 6-figure side hustle

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When I began my very first company in 2009, I had no concept what I was doing. I felt in one’s bones I wanted music production and required to generate income.

Since then, I’ve constructed 2 online companies– my music blog site and company training brand name– which produce $160,000 a month in passive earnings. I just work about 5 hours a week.

I teach individuals how to introduce and grow companies. What I’ve found after dealing with countless customers is that every six-figure company has something in typical: they serve not simply any audience, however a starving audience.

If you’re aiming to begin a side hustle or full-time company, here’s my finest recommendations:

1. Identify the ‘who’ you’re serving.

Before you even start developing a services or product (the “what”), you should comprehend the audience you’re attempting to target (the “who”).

Hungry audiences have an issue that requires resolving, which issue is severe enough that they want to spend for an option.

The simplest individuals to serve are the ones who resemble simply you. What development have you experienced in your life? You might assist others get rid of an issue and progress in the very same method. Or, what issue do you desire you could resolve? You might assist yourself and others fill that space.

Talk to individuals about what is doing not have in their lives. What are their most significant obstacles? Get on the street, begin a group chat with your pals, or hide on Reddit and Facebook Groups.

Keep a record of what you find and take note of patterns.

2. Craft an engaging deal for them.