I Watched “A Christmas Prince” And Had A Hell Of A Lot Of Thoughts


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2. It is like they could not afford every other music and hoped no one would discover.

four. Amber, I am fairly certain that there are numerous methods of moving into journalism that do not contain being an editor first. Often you turn into a author, then an editor.

5. Amber is being referred to as into govt editor Max’s workplace, and I’ve needed to rewatch them discussing the royal household of Aldovia 3 times as a result of it’s approach too difficult for a movie that requires no focus.

6. I like how Prince Richard is known as “His Royal Hotness”.

eight. It is clearly a canopy this journal could be very happy with. What an unique interview.

10. This recommendation from Amber’s father (“keep true to your goals and success will comply with”) is the type of schmaltz we might often hear 5 minutes earlier than the tip of a movie.

11. We’re 5 minutes into the movie.

12. And now she’s on this bizarre press journey. Why are all the opposite journalists British?

13. Are there any British journalists left in Britain throughout this pretend cancelled press convention?

15. Additionally, Amber, why are you taking all of those pictures in portrait mode?

16. That is the actual royal scandal right here.

17. However then once more the journal did have “POP SINGER” as a canopy line, so maybe it has a low bar for what could make the entrance web page.

18. Amber is now pretending to be a royal tutor to get nearer to Prince Richard and land her massive journal scoop. And has to take numerous pictures.

20. I really feel I do know each single factor that may occur on this movie already.

22. I nonetheless don’t perceive this abdication storyline.

23. Or why everybody within the Aldovian royal household has a British accent.

24. I additionally love that Richard’s ex, Sophia, hates Amber as a result of she is carrying pink trainers or one thing.

26. This acorn higher be used as a plot system or there will probably be hell to pay.

28. Emily is now exposing Amber as a journalist by going by her laptop computer. Possibly Amber wouldn’t have been uncovered if she hadn’t saved this secret piece of investigative journalism as “Article Notes Richard Charlton”.


32. “Have to search out out!!!”

33. OK, why is Amber following Prince Richard on a horse?

37. She is now ringing her father for recommendation, and her father is telling her to comply with her intestine. My mother and father simply inform me in regards to the climate and the way a lot visitors the native roads expertise right now of yr after I ring them.

38. In the meantime, Sophia is discovering out her actual id.

39. If Amber would not need her actual id to be labored out, maybe she should not go away her passport along with her actual identify in her purse on her mattress for Sophia to search out in principally 10 seconds.

40. Oh and all of the paperwork about Richard really being adopted.

41. Only a tip.

43. I nonetheless don’t perceive this abdication storyline or why the prime minister is conducting the ceremony OR why they need to do it on Christmas Eve OR WHY, earlier than getting the crown, Prince Richard has to make a vow such as you do at a marriage.

44. Oh, Amber is on her cellphone once more. Her father had higher not have some type of schmaltzy line that may make me roll my–

47. Wait, she was impressed to test the acorn as a result of her father was speaking about seeds? SEEDS?

49. Absolutely no one will imagine this bizarre acorn legislation. Should not they be doing a little exams on that doc to verify it’s really actual? Moderately than simply going by a random previous doc with a stamp on it.

51. Oh, the journal is axing Amber’s piece as a result of the editor would not desire a puff piece – simply the gritty authentic story Amber did not need revealed.

52. Wait, she was proper in the course of a large constitutional problem with His Royal Hotness, and noticed a large story unfold in entrance of her eyes. This wasn’t a scoop?

53. That is the journal, let me remind you, that’s quickly to be publishing Ron’s article about “Ugly Christmas Sweaters of the Stars”.

57. Wait. He is proposing?

58. Wait, they’re ENGAGED?!

59. Although they do not actually know one another.

60. Although she was pretending to be another person to reveal his personal life.



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