I’m a psychologist in Finland, theNo 1 happiest nation worldwide– here are 3 things we never ever do

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For 5 years in a row, Finland has actually rankedNo 1 as the happiest nation worldwide, according to the World HappinessReport

In 2022’s report, individuals in 156 nations were asked to “value their lives today on a 0 to 10 scale, with the worst possible life as a 0.” It likewise takes a look at aspects that add to social assistance, life span, kindness and lack of corruption.

As a Finnish thinker and psychologist who studies the basics of joy, I’m frequently asked: What precisely makes individuals in Finland so incredibly pleased with their lives?

To keep a high quality of life, here are 3 things we never ever do:

1. We do not compare ourselves to our next-door neighbors.

2. We don’t overlook the benefits of nature.

3. We don’t break the community circle of trust.