‘Impossible’ discovery found on remote island off African coast: A ‘lost part of the world’


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Researchers have discovered rocks on a small island between Madagascar and the jap coast of Africa, a discovery that has been described as mysterious for one crucial cause — they should not be there.

The rocks in query, quartzite, have been found by researchers at Columbia College, because of a grant from the Nationwide Geographic Society. That they had heard about them from numerous totally different media experiences, however have been lastly in a position to affirm the presence of the quartzite, which is normally present in areas which have excessive temperatures and pressures, for themselves.

“That is opposite to plate tectonics,” mentioned Cornelia Class, a geochemist at Columbia College, in a weblog submit. “Quartzite our bodies don’t belong on volcanic islands.”


The quartzite makes up one half of a mountain on Anjouan island, a 400-square-mile island that’s a part of the Comoros Islands. Just like the Hawaiian island chain, Anjouan fashioned as a result of volcanic eruptions, which makes the presence of quartzite on the island all of the extra fascinating. “All these years, it has bothered me that I did not perceive how these rocks bought there,” Class informed Dwell Science.

The presence of quartzite shouldn’t be the primary non-volcanic rock to be discovered on the island, Dwell Science added. Within the 1980s, there have been “scattered outcroppings” of quartzite, however nothing like the invention Class and her staff present in September 2018.

Extra info and examine is required to find out simply how a lot quartzite is on the island, in addition to decide the place it got here from. One clarification has been continental and tectonic plate drift, however the chemistry of the volcanic rocks on the island do not correspond with any affiliation of a continental crust, Dwell Science added.


“That is what nature presents, typically,” Class added in her interview with Dwell Science. “It is one thing we contemplate not possible, however then we discover it, and as soon as we discover it, we’ve got to clarify it.”

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