Inside Hallmark Channel’s Heroic Effort to Save Their Holiday Movies – E! Online

Inside Hallmark Channel's Heroic Effort to Save Their Holiday Movies - E! Online

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“You can’t cancel Christmas on Hallmark.”

So stated Michelle Vicary, Hallmark Channel’s executive vice president of programs, as she started talking with E! News over the phone on Dec. 8. And she’s not incorrect. Like string-light covered trees and sweet walking canes, Hallmark Channel’s Christmas motion pictures have actually ended up being a staple for lots of throughout the most terrific time of the year.

Countdown to Christmas, the network’s yearly programs occasion that normally begins in October and goes through completion of December, is their Super Bowl. It’s so popular that it makes Hallmark the greatest ranked network in the 4th quarter, drawing in numerous countless audiences every year.

But after the coronavirus break out closed down production on motion pictures and Television Set in March, fans feared they would not be getting their Christmas cheer thanks to the network’s vacation rom-coms.

While Hallmark normally produces more than 100 initial motion pictures each year—consisting of programs obstructs to commemorate each season, like Spring Fling and Fall Harvest—the objective to conserve Countdown to Christmas’ slate of 40 motion pictures ended up being the group’s sole focus after the shutdown once they recognized it was going to be a lot longer than 2 weeks prior to production resumed. 

“We knew we weren’t going to get movies on in the spring and even into the summer,” Vicary discussed to E! News. “We were concerned about the fall, but we knew we had to get our Christmas slate going.”