Inside Kelly Clarkson’s Year of Reinvention

Inside Kelly Clarkson's Year of Reinvention

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This previous year, nevertheless, has actually been committed to not simply getting the pieces, however about reassembling them in such a way more befitting of the life she’s made and is as soon as again totally free to reside on her own terms.

No, we’re not stating that now she gets what she desires, you are.

Whether that consists of dating anytime quickly is TBD, Clarkson having actually been refreshingly truthful about how not thrilled she has to do with that part of being single. Talking about that post-split restoring procedure with Gwyneth Paltrow on The Kelly Clarkson Show in March 2021, the host stated, “I’m actually in that place where I think a lot of people, I’ve heard, that go through divorce, it’s almost like you start dating yourself again, like you actually make time for you again, and I love dating me. I’m actually not looking for it.”

Frankly, that relationship she’s been cultivating with herself has actually been going fantastic In October she launched her ninth studio album, When Christmas Comes Around …, hosted a Yuletide unique to sound in the vacations in December, and recently she’s been co-emceeing NBC’s American Song Contest with Snoop Dogg ( see your back, Martha), all while helming the 3rd season of her much-loved talk program.