Inside the farm of the future

Inside the farm of the future

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Your next salad may be grown in the cloud and served with a side of expert system.

Cloud computing, an innovation that counts on clustered servers placed around the world, supports whatever from drones to artificial intelligence and the wise house. Using cloud tech, farms will end up being a lot smarter too.

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The farm of the future is in the cloud


Microsoft’s FarmBeats program uses the company’s Azure cloud to connect agricultural devices and generate data intended to help farms operate more efficiently. Sensors embedded in the soil use the cloud to communicate with drones that circle farms to direct irrigation patterns and herbicide distribution and to optimize the harvesting of crops.

CNET visited Microsoft’s Cloud Collaboration Center in Redmond, Washington, to learn more about how the cloud, AI and the internet of things (IoT) are transforming business.

“We use machine learning and image recognition to understand how our crops are growing,” said Jason Zander, executive vice president of Microsoft Azure. “Today a lot of irrigation systems … just kind of throw water everywhere. Being able to leverage drones and some of these sensors means we save water and get better production out of [farms].”

The cloud is progressing quickly, stated Zander. “A years ago the cloud assisted smart phones end up being common. Today, the cloud ends up being truly effective when it assists other emerging innovations like AI and IoT. It’s amazing due to the fact that we can assist whole [business] sectors rapidly end up being more effective.”

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