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Inside the Honey House: Meet TikTok's

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Four couples. One home. All honey.

That was the easy principle of the Honey House, an adult TikTok residence nestled in the Hollywood Hills that has actually collected over 515,000 fans and amassed almost 16 million likes considering that introducing in August. Their most-viewed video has actually been seen 26.5 million times.

The group of of material developers went viral in September when a video breaking down the members’ tasks—consisting of a “mindset and motivation coach” and “models and fitness trainers” who alternate in between exercising and doing photoshoots throughout the day—was called “sincerely the worst thing ive ever seen” on Twitter.

While the video stunned lots of, it likewise was deeply remarkable, addressing a social-media-age-old concern: What the hell do influencers truly do throughout the day? 

And that is the attraction of Honey House, with creator and previous expert hockey player-turned-fitness influencer J.T. Barnett offering fans (and hate-watching non-followers, to be truthful) a glance into this Oz-like nirvana, filled with sponsored goodies and hopscotch difficulties throughout its very first season.

While TikTok homes were currently a pattern prior to the coronavirus pandemic, the fascination with the groups has actually just grown considering that social distancing procedures were taken into location, with every one establishing their own signature brand name of material. 

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