Inside the Most Shocking Chapter of Marlon Brando’s Family History

Inside the Most Shocking Chapter of Marlon Brando's Family History

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Christian was launched on parole in January 1996 after serving less than 5 years. He passed away from issues of pneumonia in January 2008 at the age of 49.

Brando, who passed away July 1, 2004, at 80, regreted in an audio recording uncovered in the 2015 documentary Listen to Me Marlon, “Christian was burdened with emotional disorders and psychological disarray, the kind of trouble that I had in life.”

The killing of Cheyenne’s partner on May 16, 1990, and the criminal activity’s constantly awful repercussions figured plainly in the movie, director Stevan Riley informing British GQ, “The terrible thing that happened at that house that night is the ideal intersection at which to cross-examine the themes concerning Marlon Brando’s myth.”

But those who liked Brando in life, warts and all, mored than happy to see what they felt was the genuine him stumble upon after he invested his days at the same time courting and shirking the spotlight, a paradox that led to more reports and presumptions than anything else.

The star’s child Rebecca informed the publication, “He would have been proud, I hope” of the movie. “He knew those tapes would be found and used in some way—he was no dummy. I feel this was his document, his diary unlocked for us to discover. He could have destroyed them if he wanted to. In a way, the film is my father coming back to us, a very personal part of his legacy.”