Intel to release discrete GPU in 2020

Intel to launch discrete GPU in 2020

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“Intel’s first discrete GPU coming in 2020.”

That’s the minimalist tweet published today on the authorities Intel news account, along with a link to a newspaper article fromNovember That story had to do with Raja Koduri, previous chief designer of the AMD Radeon TechnologiesGroup Koduri signed up with Intel as “chief architect, senior vice president of the newly formed Core and Visual Computing Group and general manager of a new initiative to drive edge computing solutions.”

The “discrete GPU” guaranteed by the tweet could be anything: A standard better-than-integrated variation that does not depend on AMD for a decently carrying out incorporated variation like we’ve seen in the brand-new i7-8750 G? A powerful-but-affordable workstation-class processor? A consoles? Or maybe it might describe devoted cryptocurrency systems to be utilized in server farms for cloud video gaming

With combination in broadband beginning, which might possibly obstruct the development of cloud video gaming (or start massive acquisition or special collaborations in with cloud-gaming innovation and business), along with the cryptocurrency boom, this looks like a respectable concept. Plus, we might most likely take advantage of Nvidia getting a rival with Intel’s market power.

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