iPhone 11 severe water test – Video

iPhone 11 extreme water test - Video

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The iPhone continues getting more water resistant as each year passes.
And this year, Apple states that the brand-new iPhone 11 and 11 Pro are much more water resistant than previous phones.
Now, we have actually currently tester in 2015’s iPhone XR and XS here in gorgeous Monterey Bay To see how deep we might really take them.
And in turns out they’re really a lot more water resistant than Apple provides credit for.
So with the brand-new phones, we are gonna take things to the next level.
And think what?
I’m on on a mom [UNKNOWN]
So I’m here with my pal Eric from Sofa ocean innovations, who assisted us out in 2015 with this actually remarkable tool called The Trident.
Which is an undersea drone.
Tell me what this drone can really do.
So this is a tool that’s constructed to permit individuals to see parts of the world nobody has actually seen prior to.
It essentially sends out video approximately the surface area and you can drive it around much like an aerial drone, however it can go to 100 meters depth so you can see parts of the world that are absolutely undiscovered and we wished to make it so anybody can do that.
This is going to be unbelievable.
Okay, so like sufficient speaking about Stuff above surface area.
Let’s decrease and do our very first dive.
Let’s do it.
So for our very first dive we are going to evaluate the claim.
So the iPhone 11 is 2 meters for 30 minutes, wheras the 11 Pro is 4 meters for 30 minutes.
Now viewing as we have actually currently checked in 2015’s XR, which was the previous variation of the 11, it really made it through a lot much deeper than we believed it would.
So, we’re simply gonna cut straight to the chase, go right down to 4 meters to get us began and see how they both endure?
So prior to we begin diving with the phones, I’m gonna do a fast voice recording on both of them.
So then when they come out of the water I can play it back and see what the speaker seems like Testing, screening 1, 2, 3 voice recording on the iPhone 11 Pro screening screening 1, 2, 3 voice recording on the iPhone 11.
Hold on.
All right Let’s begin the timer.
Here we go.
All right.
All right.
Wish it luck.
Good luck phones.
You can do it.
Ten, 9, 8 Seven, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, one.
Let’s pull them out.
All right.
We made it to 30 minutes.
Seaweed there.
All right.
We’re at the top.
Here it comes.
And they both appear to still be running.
Now we here.
So initial step let’s test the 11 now this wasn’t ranked to decrease as deep as we took it.
I’m simply checking the touch screen it appears like it’s still totally practical, video camera.
Snap an image on the rear video camera.
Snap a selfie.
They look great, fine.
Now let’s listen to some audio and see how that sounds.
Testing, screening, 1, 2, 3. Voice recording on the iPhone 11.
Sounds fine, it’s still audible.
Does seem like there’s a bit of water because speaker.
And I believe, with a little additional drying, it must be great.
But whatever’s still working as anticipated.
iPhone 11 Pro, it appears like the touch screen is still working fine, all right?
Okay, video camera time.
[UNKNOWN] video camera, all of the lenses appear to be working.
The ultra-wide And with 2 x telephoto.
Selfie video camera.
Looks fine.
Okay let’s check the voice.
Testing screening one 2 3.
Voice recording on the iPhone 11 pro.
Definitely sounds louder than the iPhone 11 however there is a bit more distortion.
And it does seem like there’s still some water therein.
I believe possibly the 11 has actually had the speaker a little dampened from the undersea treatments, however in general it’s sounding remarkably helpful for being immersed.
So they’re fine after 4 meters or around 3�� meters.
Let’s go to the next level, which is gonna be around 8 meters, right?
Eight meters.
That’s quite cool.
And we’re practically 10 meters, which would be 2 environments.
We’ve been doubling the quantity of pressure.
These phones are typically around.
So that’s quite cool.
All right, let’s see what takes place.
Just past 30 minutes undersea at 8 meters.
And the both of the phones is still working.
All right, so I’m piloting it off the ground from time to time we’ll simply pull it back to the tether and see how whatever looks,
All right.
Yeah, they both look great.
Still going and we left it somewhat longer than 30 minutes unbelievable.
Fold them off and dry them off.
Both the phones are looking respectable.
11 initially.
Touch screen is still working.
All best let’s open the video camera now, and see.
Take an image.
That method.
Selfie video camera is working, too.
All right, let’s do the audio test now.
Testing, screening, 1, 2, 3, voice recording on the iPhone 11.
Not bad.
I suggest not excellent sounding however it still works which is quite insane thinking about the depth.
All right, let’s take a listen to the 11 Pro.
Check the screen, all appears to be working.
It’s reacting to my touches, video camera.
Okay, large, extremely large, 2 X. Okay, selfie.
Seems to be working fine.
The images look fine.
No proof of fogging or anything like that.
And lastly, voice test.
Microphones, all right.
[NOISE] Testing, screening 1, 2, 3 noise recording on iPhone 11.
Sounds a lot softer than the very first dive although it does not sound as water logged as the speaker from the iPhone 11.
So I believe for this test, both of them have actually made it through simply great.
So that simply suggests we need to go even much deeper, I believe a minimum of 12 metres this time.
Hey, let’s put them.
Back going much deeper than in the past, I simply can’t think this still great.
So let’s begin the time is on the phones and after that soak the spears.
Good luck phones.
Good luck phones.
All right, they remain in the water.
I can’t think they really made it.
Both of them!
It’s unbelievable.
The just concern that we had was it appears like the screen was touched or altered from the small screen that we had running.
So let’s see when we pull it to the surface area if it was really a problem with the touch screen, or it was simply a phantom press.
Here we go.
There they are.
All right, still going strong.
Okay, iPhones.
Okay, so dried both of them off.
Now let’s have a look at the screen.
Still working, it’s reacting to all of the touches.
Take a take a look at the video camera, the large and the ultra large.
Taking the picture, fine, no proof of flogging.
Front dealing with video camera is fine, so let’s take a listen to the speaker.
Testing, screening one, 2, 3.
To me, it sounds the like the previous dunk it still sounds appropriate.
Again, let’s shot with the 11 pro [UNKNOWN] Touchscreen is working, fine.
So when it did go off undersea and it altered the screen, it should have simply been a phantom press.
It wasn’t a mistake with the touchscreen at all.
So it’s still working.
Okay video camera, 2 large, extremely large, 2 times front video camera Okay, everything looks fine.
I’m so shocked, fine, the voice and the speaker.
Testing, screening, one, 2, 3.
It sounds fine, once again, I believe there’s some volume loss there, so what I’m gonna do
I’m gonna take them both and dry them out entirely.
Come back and reassess.
But Wow, this is beyond the scope of how deep many people would ever drop their phones.
Plus it remained in seawater.
With an extraordinary quantity of pressure undersea also, not a clinical experiment, however still extremely remarkable that both of these phones made it through and they appear like brand-new, I do not comprehend it.
I do not get it.
So it’s been 72 hours given that we discarded these phone in the beverage.
And ever since I have not touched the middle with the exception of washing them off with tidy fresh water or faucet water as Apple recommends.
Drying them off with Island totally free towel and simply letting them sit and to see all that water will be dried.
So let’s turn them on and go through a couple tests and see how they do.
So to begin with the iPhone 11 switches on fine, didn’t discover as a small bit of scratching on the screen, however the touchscreen itself still works appears to be responsive.
Physical buttons are still working simply great.
Up and down thus.
Yeah, that all appears to be working.
The video camera looks fine.
Selfie video camera No, I can’t see any any floggings.
Just a couple finger prints there, I believe.
So I’m gonna evaluate the microphone now.
Testing iPhone 11 72 hours after being immersed.
Testing iPhone 11 72 hours after being immersed.
Definitely sounds a lot clearer than when we initially checked it after being dumbed.
Okay, let’s see if it will take a charge now.
Okay plugged it in, it’s charging.
Seems to be working absolutely as regular.
All right, let’s test out the iPhone 11 Pro.
Same thing, screen is great, reacting to touches.
Volume rocker and physical buttons, they’re all working fine.
Camera, still all working, plus the selfie video camera Can’t see any fogging, a bit of dirt here will come off quickly.
Let’s test the microphone.
Testing the iPhone 11 Pro, 72 hours after soaking.
Testing the iPhone 11 Pro, 72 hours after soaking.
Sounds respectable.
Definitely much better than what it was when we initially checked it after being soaked.
Okay let’s see if it charges.
It’s charging fine.
Just like it would if it wasn’t immersed.
Looking great.
Okay so one last test that I wished to make with these phones was to see if it was any concern with the volume of the speaker.
I’m gonna compare a track used both of these phones to a track played from a fresh iPhone 11 and see if there’s any distinction in the sound level at all.
And I have the Apple Watch Series 5 to offer us a little bit of a noise and decibel score.
All right, volume is at optimum.
Let’s go.
Not the very same, perhaps a couple of decibels louder.
Okay, so those have actually been the phones that were discarded.
Now let’s listen on phones that have not been jeopardized.
Same track, let’s listen iPhone 11 initially.
Definitely a bit louder and there’s a bit more meaning there in the tune also, so that was the 11.
Let’s listen to the 11 PRO nevertheless this is an 11 PRO MAX, so that may impact the outcome however let’s take a listen anyhow.
So once again, somewhat louder, however not by all that much.
It certainly sounds a bit more specified on the phone that hasn’t been discarded compared to the phones that were under Monterey Bay.
But in general, practically whatever is working as anticipated.
Apple states that liquid damage is not covered under service warranty.
So do not attempt this in your home.
And obviously, this isn’t a clinical test.
We were simply having some enjoyable to see how far we might take things, A huge thank you to Captain Phil from undersea business and Eric Stucco from his couch ocean innovation.
Thanks for enjoying and remain tuned for method more severe foreign screening here on CNET.
So we put these phones as deep as we might take them, however they didn’t break.
And perhaps that’s what you wished to see.
So if you have any concepts of how I can get more severe in checking these phones, leave me a remark and I’ll see what I can do.

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