Ireland Baldwin Addresses Surgery Claims After “FaceTite” Procedure

Ireland Baldwin Addresses Surgery Claims After

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Ireland Baldwin isn’t scared to inform it like it is.

In an Instagram video shared on April 12, the Grudge Match star– and child of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger— opened about her current non-invasive “FaceTite” treatment in an effort to be as “open and transparent” as possible for her fans– while likewise dealing with claims that she’s gotten cosmetic surgery.

“I never use filters on here,” she stated, describing the platform. “I’ve had no other modifications done to my body or face. I’ve had no—despite what everyone thinks—lip filler in my life. I have no fillers in my face. Not that there is anything wrong with that.”

Explaining that she just recently got the “FaceTite” treatment, which is a treatment that targets fat cells and tightens up the skin of the lower face and neck, without the requirement for anesthesia; Ireland likewise exposed her individual inspiration for the minimally intrusive procedure.

“The reason I had it done was because I had this very stubborn pocket of fat and extra skin under my face,” she shared. “And before you say, ‘Why don’t you just diet and workout and not be a lazy bitch,’ it doesn’t work like that.”