iRevisited iCarly As An Adult Before the Revival – E! Online

iRevisited iCarly As An Adult Before the Revival - E! Online

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When I inform individuals I enjoyed iCarly, I tend to connect an explainer. 

“I only watched it because I have two younger siblings who were watching it.” “It was just on for some reason!” “I watched all TV, including TV for children.” “I know it’s silly, but I thought Spencer was cute!” 

I was 16 when iCarly premiered, which is, when I consider it now, the age of a kid and an absolutely affordable age to be enjoying iCarly. But as many 16-year-olds do, I believed I was too cool for anything that may be viewed to be for kids. I was extremely mindful of doing anything that may remove from what I believed was my hard-earned maturity. I might drive an automobile, so I might not be enjoying vibrantly colored Nickelodeon funnies, no matter just how much I enjoyed them. 

Now, it’s 14 years later on, and those sensations stay, even as I excitedly wait for the revival. So, partially in an effort to press previous my own odd sticking around insecurities about my age and partially simply to discover how terribly the program itself aged, I chose to rewatch the series ahead of its return. I anticipated more of that exact same humiliation, a great deal of cringing and a lot of “yikes” at how extremely late 2000s/early 2010s the program was. But rather, I discovered delight. 

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