Is Cheryl Burke Dating After Matthew Lawrence Divorce? She Says …

Is Cheryl Burke Dating After Matthew Lawrence Divorce? She Says…

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However, the separation isn’t the only current modification in Cheryl’s life as she left Dancing With the Stars in November after almost 17 years. Since then, she’s pursued other ventures (consisting of the launch of a brand-new, upcoming podcast). In addition to work life, the dancer shared she’s concentrating on internal work.

“For me, it’s been more about working myself from the inside out,” she continued, “and it’s been an interesting ride the last couple years, but I’ve learned so much. It puts everything into perspective, life in general. I defined myself by everything that I shouldn’t have in a way because it’s so temporary—whether it’s your job, or your marriage or whatever it is, right? At the end of the day, it really starts with you, and you’re stuck with you and you better like yourself. And I’ve done a lot of work, and finally I can say I do.”

And as Cheryl continues to progress, she intends to pass along what she’s discovered and assist others.

“I’m a work in progress forever, and it’s been something that has been, in a way, enlightening that I want to continue to share with the world,” she stated. “Because I think, I’m no professional by any means, but I have definitely lived a lot already.”