ISIS ‘Beatles’ implicated of assisting abuse and murder hostages charged in U.S. court

ISIS 'Beatles' accused of helping torture and murder captives charged in U.S. court

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Two British males who were called ‘the Beatles’ and implicated of assisting the Islamic State militant group abuse and murder hostages in Syria — consisting of 4 Americans — were given the United States on Wednesday to deal with terrorism and murder conspiracy charges.

Alexanda Kotey and El Shafee Elsheikh were anticipated to appear in the Alexandria, Virginia federal court from another location through video conference. U.S. authorities stated they were associated with the kidnappings of worldwide captives, consisting of U.S. help employees Kayla Mueller and Peter Kassig and U.S. reporters James Foley and Steven Sotloff.

Mueller was tortured and sexually mistreated prior to her death in 2015. The 2 British males confessed their participation in holding her slave in an interview acquired by NBC News, which aired in July. They likewise confessed whipping Foley.

“This feels miraculous,” James’ mom Diane Foley told British press on Wednesday.

“This is a huge step forward and hopefully these men will implicate others and give us information about where the remains of our children are,” she stated, thanking federal governments “on all sides of the Atlantic” for pursuing this “first step in justice.”

Alexanda Amon Kotey, from left, and El Shafee Elsheikh, who were presumably amongst 4 British jihadis who comprised a ruthless Islamic State cell called “The Beatles,” speak throughout an interview with The Associated Press at a security center in Kobani, Syria on March 30, 2018.Hussein Malla / AP file

Court files stated that throughout the captivity of the Americans and others, “Kotey and Elsheikh supervised detention facilities holding the hostages and were responsible for transferring them between detention facilities.” The males engaged “in a prolonged pattern of physical and psychological violence against hostages.”

Zach Terwilliger, the U.S. lawyer for the Eastern District of Virginia, stated they caused discomfort, suffering and ruthlessness, consisting of required experiencing of murders, mock executions and shocks to the body with an electrical gadget.

The 2 became part of a group of 4 British males, authorities stated, led by Mohammed Emwazi, who is thought to have actually killed Foley in a beheading taped on video. Emwazi — who was called “Jihadi John” — was eliminated by Hellfire rockets fired from a CIA drone in 2015.

Journalist James Foley while covering the civil war in Aleppo, Syria, in 2012.Nicole Tung / AP file

Some of the ISIS captives who handled to get away stated they called the 4 males “The Beatles” due to the fact that of their British accents. The 4th, Aine Lesley Davis, was sentenced to serve 7 and a half years in a Turkish jail in 2017.

American and British authorities stated the males was accountable for 27 killings, consisting of the beheadings of Foley, Sotloff and Kassig, along with of British help employees David Haines and Alan Henning.

Kotey and Elsheikh have actually rejected participation in the killings and abuse in previous interviews, explaining themselves as “liaisons” in between the captives and more senior members of ISIS, like Emwazi.

In the interviews acquired by NBC News, Kotey and Elsheikh provided brand-new information about Mueller’s time in captivity. “I took an email from her myself.” Officials stated it was utilized to send out a ransom need to her household.

Kayla Mueller, 26, an American humanitarian employee from Prescott, Arizona was abducted in Aleppo, Syria in August 2013. Family image through Reuters

“She was in a large room, it was dark and she was alone, and … she was very scared,” Elsheikh stated in the interview.

Captured by Kurdish forces in 2018, Kotey and Elsheikh were committed the American military in 2015 and have actually remained in U.S. custody in Iraq in the middle of concerns over how and when they will deal with justice.

The households of the Americans eliminated by ISIS stated in a joint declaration Wednesday they were eliminated that the 2 males have actually been given the U.S. for trial.

“James, Peter, Kayla, and Steven were kidnapped, tortured, beaten, starved, and murdered by members of the Islamic State in Syria. Now our families can pursue accountability for these crimes against our children in U.S. court,” their declaration stated.

The transfer of the males to the U.S. for trial was postponed by legal procedures in the United Kingdom. British authorities stated they were disallowed from turning proof over to the U.S. that was acquired by their detectives. A U.K. judge raised the restriction on sharing info, leading the way for prosecution in the U.S.

Adela Suliman contributed.

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