‘It was a bit anxious to start with’


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Prince William has spoken publicly for the first time since the “very good news” broke that he and the Duchess of Cambridge were expecting their third child. While Kate remained at Kensington Palace with an acute form of morning sickness known as Hyperemesis Gravidarum, the Duke of Cambridge opened up about becoming a father again while attending the National Mental Health and Policing conference in Oxford.

The royal admitted that like most parents expecting another child there is “not much sleep” going on in his household, however all is well. Kensington Palace officially announced the news of a royal addition on Monday, after the Duchess was forced to cancel several of her public engagements due to her Hyperemesis Gravidarum, the condition she suffered in her previous pregnancies.

Prince William was congratulated by the chairman of the Oxfordshire County Council, Zoe Patrick, to which he replied “Thank you, it’s very good news.” He also revealed that the Royal Family had only been able to “start celebrating this week” after an “anxious” few weeks, according to People magazine.

“We just need Catherine to get over this first bit, then we can start celebrating next week. It’s always a bit anxious to start with, but she’s well,” Prince William said.

His comments have been viewed as an indication that the Duchess is further along in her first 12-weeks than first reported.

Prince Harry also shared his excitement about becoming an uncle again when speaking to reporters on Monday.

“Fantastic, great, very, very happy for them,” he said according to The Daily Express‘ royal correspondent, Richard Palmer before heading into a meeting in Manchester.

When asked about his sister-in-law’s health, the Prince, who is soon to be sixth-in-line, said, “I haven’t seen her for a while, but I think she’s OK.”

During the Royal Family’s trip to Poland and Germany in July, the couple, both 35, shared an off-the-cuff comment (or perhaps an inside joke) about expanding their family of four when the Duchess received a soft toy that soothes babies in Warsaw. She turned to her husband and laughed saying “We will just have to have more babies.” The pair, who were married in April 2011, are parents to George, four, who is starting school this week, and Charlotte, two.

While the Duchess has yet to speak publicly about the announcement, earlier this year she gave a speech on the joys, as well as stresses and strains, that come with parenthood.

“Nothing can really prepare you for the sheer overwhelming experience of what it means to become a mother,” she said. “It is full of complex emotions of joy, exhaustion, love and worry all mixed together. Your fundamental identity changes overnight. You go from thinking of yourself as primarily an individual, to suddenly being a mother, first and foremost.”

Following the baby announcement, the two royal brothers on Tuesday attended an official engagement with victims, charity leaders and respondents involved in the June Grenfell Tower tragedy, visiting the Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre Al-Manaar which was part of the first response efforts. Through the Royal Foundation, the family has established the Support4Grenfell Community Hub to help victims cope with mental illness after the fires. The Duchess was scheduled to attend with the pair but remained in the “care” of Kensington Palace.

The Princes took the time to speak to the Gomes family. All four members of the family escaped the fire from the 21st floor, only to mourn the loss of Andreia and Marico’s child who was delivered stillborn after the fire. 

According to People, Marcio Gomes later told reporters, “The princes were amazing. They really knew what they were talking about. You could see that they meant what they were saying.”

“They have seen so many families impacted by the tragedy, and they know what they are going through. Everyone grieves in different ways. It is important that when someone is in pain that they have someone to talk to — not just next month, but next year or the year after.”

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