I’ve resided in the Netherlands for 14 yearsâ $” why we’re constantly ranked among the world’s happiest nations

I'm an American living in a $2,100/month luxury, 2-bedroom apartment in Copenhagen, Denmark

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I was born in Poland and matured in Germany, however my household and I Â have actually been residing in the Netherlands for the last 14 years.

When I initially found the principle of “niksen,”  or the Dutch art of not doing anything, I was interested. I even wrote a book about it. When I used it to my own life, my viewpoint about joy moved in a considerable method.

I think niksen is among the reasons that the Dutch are  regularly ranked as a few of the happiest individuals on the planet. Niksen may appear self-centered or uninteresting in the beginning look, however it’s in fact a service to you and your neighborhood.

Here’s how it make it work for you:

1. If you’re not doing anything, own it

When somebody asks you what you’re doing throughout your niksen time, merely react, “Nothing.”

Be unapologetic about taking breaks or vacations. Think of niksen not as an indication of laziness, however as a crucial life ability that may assist you gain back some composure, discover calm, and avoid burnout.

Tony Crabbe, the author of “Busy,” says that resisting cultural pressures is easier when done with other niksen-minded people.

Or you can do what my mom does and hang a sign on your office door that reads: “I bite.” (She doesn’t bite, but it’s clear that she doesn’t want to be disturbed.)

2. Work and rest according to your natural rhythm

3. Do nothing, together

4. Just be normal