J.K. Rowling Faces Backlash Over Tweets Considered Transphobic

J.K. Rowling, JK Rowling

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Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling is dealing with reaction after being implicated of making transphobic discuss social networks. 

On Saturday afternoon, the 54-year-old author shared an viewpoint post from a worldwide health site entitled “Creating a More Equal Post-COVID-19 World for People Who Menstruate” and shared her confusion with the expression “people who menstruate.” 

“I’m sure there used to be a word for those people. Someone help me out,” she went on in her preliminary tweet. “Wumben? Wimpund? Woomud?”

The DevEx post detailed the “many gendered aspects of the pandemic, including increased vulnerabilities to gender-based violence during lockdowns, and the risks faced by primary caretakers.” The post specified that an approximated 1.8 billion ladies, females and gender non-binary individuals menstruate, including that this “has not stopped because of the pandemic” and still need the essential “menstrual materials, safe access to toilets, soap, water and private spaces in the face of lockdown living conditions that have eliminated privacy for many populations.” 

Quickly afterwards, the author ended up being a trending subject on Twitter as numerous fans and individuals on social networks started calling her out for her remarks. 

Survivor‘s Zeke Smith, responded to the author writing, “Hi! I’m a man! I menstruate! Stop being an a–hole!”

Smith appeared in the 34th season of CBS’ Survivor: Game Changers and was outed as transgender by a fellow candidate. Following his reply, a Twitter user asked Smith why he was “politicizing” how he recognizes as. To which Smith reacted, “[J.K. Rowling] is the one who is politicizing it by both rejecting that trans guys exist which all females menstruate! I do talk with my physician about it! I have absolutely nothing to acquire from it! My body simply demands doing it! I am not a lady!”

Despite the reaction she got for her preliminary remarks, Rowling continued to reveal her perspective.

In a follow-up tweet, the author composed, “If sex isn’t real, there’s no same-sex attraction. If sex isn’t real, the lived reality of women globally is erased. I know and love trans people, but erasing the concept of sex removes the ability of many to meaningfully discuss their lives. It isn’t hate to speak the truth.” 

“The idea that women like me, who’ve been empathetic to trans people for decades, feeling kinship because they’re vulnerable in the same way as women – ie, to male violence – ‘hate’ trans people because they think sex is real and has lived consequences – is a nonsense,” she composed, describing the reaction she was getting online. 

The Fantastic Beasts author then tweeted, “I respect every trans person’s right to live any way that feels authentic and comfortable to them. I’d march with you if you were discriminated against on the basis of being trans. At the same time, my life has been shaped by being female. I do not believe it’s hateful to say so.” 

Singer and music manufacturer Brad Walsh likewise reacted to the author’s claims on Twitter, writing, “You’re a smart person. How do you not yet understand the difference between sex and gender? The only way I can possibly explain your ignorance at this point is willfulness. It’s incredibly disappointing.”

He included, “Ok muting now because the TERFs are out.”

TERF, or trans-exclusionary extreme feminist, is a term that the author has actually been described as in the past. In December of in 2015, the author ended up being a trending subject as soon as again on Twitter after advertising her assistance for British scientist Maya Forstater who has actually likewise been slammed as being transphobic. According to NBC News at the time, in tweets and Slack messages from 2018, Forstater slammed proposed modifications to the United Kingdom’s Gender Recognition Act of 2004 that enabled individuals to self-identify their gender. 

Rent alum Anthony Rapp likewise required to Twitter this afternoon to reveal his aggravation over Rowling’s tweets, “She has such a powerful voice. Why is she using that voice to die on a hill of transphobia? It is damaging and sad and makes zero sense. Is it really her belief that trans women somehow threaten her own selfhood? What is she so f-cking afraid of?”

Actress Patti Harrison shared on social networks that the author’s option to tweet about “trans women not being real women RIGHT NOW during BLM uproar really shows her depth of thought about trans people AND black people… I am gettin flu-like symptoms trying to imagine her thoughts (or lack-there-of) on… the intersection.”

Singer, songwriter and design Kim Petras responded to Rowling and likewise slammed her for how she was using her platform on Twitter, where the author has actually generated over 14 million fans.  “maam … read the room and post about BLM ! how is this the right time to go off on this ?” Petras composed. 

LGBTQ rights company GLAAD likewise required to Twitter to speak up versus Rowling’s remarks. “If you want to direct your rightful anger over JK Rowling’s latest anti-trans comments into something positive, support orgs that help Black trans people like @MBJInstitute, @blacktransusa, @TransJusticeFP, @Genderintell and @ukblackpride.” 

In another tweeted, the company composed, “JK Rowling continues to align herself with an ideology which willfully distorts facts about gender identity and people who are trans. In 2020, there is no excuse for targeting trans people.” 

Despite the debate Rowling’s tweets stirred, she went on to compose, “I’ve spent much of the last three years reading books, blogs and scientific papers by trans people, medics and gender specialists. I know exactly what the distinction is. Never assume that because someone thinks differently, they have no knowledge.” 

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