Jan. 6 rioter who put feet on desk in Pelosi’s workplace founded guilty on all counts

Jan. 6 rioter who put feet on desk in Pelosi’s office convicted on all counts

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An advocate of United States President Donald Trump sits inside the workplace of United States Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi as he oppose inside the United States Capitol in Washington, DC, January 6, 2021.

Saul Loeb|AFP|Getty Images

An Arkansas male who was photographed throughout theJan 6 riot with his feet on a desk in then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s workplace, was condemned on all counts Monday after short jury considerations.

Richard Barnett dealt with 8 charges originating from the insurrection, consisting of theft of federal government home. He stated consistently in court recently that he regretted what took place at the Capitol that day however did rule out his actions unlawful.

Barnett appears in images from the riot reclining in a chair in the speaker’s workplace, with his feet propped up, and what the federal government described as a “stun device” embeded his trousers. Before leaving Pelosi’s workplace, Barnett took an envelope that he later on showed for electronic cameras outside the Capitol.

In court on Friday, prior to the case was handed to the jury, Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael Gordon read Barnett’s variation ofJan 6 and poked holes in his statement, noticeably outraging Barnett.

Barnett, who a day previously had actually stated he would ask forgiveness to Pelosi, D-Calif, if she remained in court, confessed throughout interrogation that when a law enforcement officer informed him he required to leave her workplace he responded: “You need to give up communism.”

Barnett likewise confessed to informing an officer in the Capitol: “We’re in a war. You need to pick a side. Don’t be on the wrong side or you’re going to get hurt.”

Richard ‘Bigo’ Barnett comes to the E. Barrett Prettyman United States Courthouse for jury choice in his trial on January 10, 2023 in Washington, DC.

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Defending his actions, Barnett stated he didn’t think he had actually breached the law onJan 6.

“I made some bad mistakes and I regret them but I don’t think I broke the law,” Barnett statedFriday “I feel like a f—— idiot.”

Two years after the riot, the FBI and the Justice Department’s examination into the Capitol attack has actually yielded 900 arrests and almost 500 guilty pleas.

— Dareh Gregorian contributed.