Japan controls world’s most pricey Michelin- starred dining establishments

Japan dominates world's most expensive Michelin-starred restaurants

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While Michelin- starred meals can cost simply $1.50 per plate, the majority of dining establishments that have actually made the distinguished award charge far more.

Many expense $300-$400 for one meal, however some command even greater rates.

To discover the most pricey Michelin- starred dining establishments, the cooking site Chef’s Pencil investigated supper tasting menus in more than 450 dining establishments worldwide, according to its site.

The top 10

According to Chef’s Pencil, the 10 most pricey dining establishments * that have either got a Michelin star or are helmed by a chef that has are:

1. Sublimotion, Ibiza, Spain– $ 1,740

2. Ultraviolet by Paul Pairet, Shanghai, China– $ 1,422

3. Kitcho Arashiyama Honten, Kyoto, Japan– $910

4. Azabu Kadowaki, Tokyo, Japan $825

5. Masa, New York City, United States– $800

6. (Tie) Joel Robuchon, Tokyo, Japan $637

6. (Tie) Kikunoi Honten, Kyoto, Japan– $637

6. (Tie) Gion Maruyama, Kyoto, Japan– $637

9. Guy Savoy, Paris, France– $615

10 Piazza Duomo, Alba, Italy $580

* Priced per individual, generally not consisting of drinks and service fee.

Japan is the only nation that appears more than as soon as on this list, and its dining establishments– situated in Kyoto and Tokyo– control half the 10 areas. It’s worth keeping in mind, nevertheless, that Tokyo- based Joel Robuchon, which connected forNo 6 on the list, serves French food.

The United States’ just dining establishment to make the top 10, Masa, is likewise a Japanese dining establishment.

Japan is house to the greatest variety of Michelin dining establishments per capita on the planet, with Tokyo having more Michelin- starred dining establishments than any other city, according to Chef’s Pencil.

Why Japanese dining establishments can be so pricey

There are reasons that lots of Japanese dining establishments are pricey, stated Chef Masaharu Morimoto, understood to millions as the star of the tv cooking programs “Iron Chef” and “Iron Chef America.”

“Japanese restaurants source seasonal fish from all over the world, which increases the cost of the ingredients,” he stated. “There is also a cost of proper shipping and storage for these ingredients, considering fresh seafood has a short shelf life.”

Chef Masaharu Morimoto has 15 dining establishments worldwide, from Tokyo to New York City.

Dave Kotinsky|Getty Images Entertainment|Getty Images

Morimoto stated “the skills the chef has — the precision and artistry in making and serving the dishes” are other elements.

Japanese dining establishments can be rather little, with restaurants getting individual attention from the chef.

“Restaurants with a limited number of seats usually try to provide an intimate and meaningful food experience for their guests,” statedMorimoto “Many notable sushi restaurants have a maximum of eight seats — no servers or additional staff.”

A chef prepares sushi at a dining establishment in Tokyo, Japan.


Many meals at high-end Japanese dining establishments are served omakase-style, where chefs select what to serve. That lets chefs prepare “an adventure unlike any other” for “an unforgettable multi-course dining experience that features the freshest fish and various other special ingredients that are reserved for this truly unique meal,” stated Morimoto.

Most pricey meals by nation

Despite controling the list of the majority of pricey dining establishments, Japan might not be the most pricey nation general for individuals who look for a top Michelin- star experience.

A different analysis by Chef’s Pencil released in September evaluated the costs of the most pricey tasting menus at dining establishments with 2 and 3 Michelin stars.

Japan was 4th on that list.

Denmark is house to Noma, theNo 1 dining establishment on the planet in 2021, according to The World’s 50 Best Restaurants.


Denmark is the most pricey nation to dine at a top Michelin- starred dining establishment, with tasting menus balancing $404 per individual. The dining establishments in Singapore typical $364, and in Sweden $327

The typical expense to dine at a 2 or 3 Michelin- starred dining establishment in Japan is $322, according to the report.

A meal for $1,740?

While Japanese dining establishments are frequently easy, the most pricey dining establishment on Chef Pencil’s dining establishment list is the opposite.

Located on the Spanish island of Ibiza, Sublimotion is the world’s very first “gastronomic performance,” stated creator Eduardo Gonzales.

Part of a 20- course meal at Ibiza’s Sublimotion dining establishment.

Courtesy of Sublimotion

Its most expensive tasting menu costs $1,740 per individual for a 20- course meal. Seating 12 at a time, the dining establishment utilizes virtual truth and unique results to include light and sound components to the meal, he stated.

In addition to chefs, a group of engineers, illusionists, scriptwriters and authors collaborated “for more than 10 years with the aim of maximizing the pleasure of sitting at the table,” Gonzales stated.

The dining establishment, opened in 2014, is helmed by Michelin- starred Chef Paco Roncero, though it has yet to get a star itself.

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