Jared Leto’s History as a Method Actor Is No Little Thing – E! Online

Jared Leto's History as a Method Actor Is No Little Thing - E! Online

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No one can ever implicate Jared Leto of slouching when it pertains to his work. 

Throughout his profession, which covers almost 3 years, the star has actually dealt with functions in motion pictures like The Suicide Squad and Dallas Buyers Club. Both of those tasks differed in severity, however Leto approached each function with the very same strength he provides to every character he handles.

And that strength appears in his choice to embody his functions on and off the set. 

In the Darren Aronofsky movie Requiem For a Dream, Leto dropped 25 pounds for his function as Harry Goldfarb, a heroin addict. At the time, the star informed The Telegraph it was “painful” to lose that much weight, remembering, “I was in a constant state of hunger. I started fainting when I was on the set.”

Eventually, he discovered himself in the health center, where he discovered his “bone marrow dropped 400 points.” 

Even so, the star stated it was a “rewarding” experience. “I don’t know if you’ve ever fasted, but there were a couple of moments towards the end where I had hallucinations,” he informed the paper. “I’d look up at the sky, and I’d get a feeling of complete serenity.” 

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