Jared Leto’s Impressive Abs Reveal Is Too Gucci

Jared Leto’s Impressive Abs Reveal Is Too Gucci

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“I don’t have a set routine, but I love to rock climb and prioritize it in my life,” he informed the outlet. “The best is when you can get outside and do it in nature. Yosemite National Park has the best climbing in the world, but when I want to be closer to home, I go to Red Rock in Nevada or bouldering in Joshua Tree.”

What’s more, Jared shared images from his time in Mother Nature this summer season ahead of the release of atrioventricular bundle’s brand-new album, It’s The End Of The World But It’s A Beautiful Day, outSept 15. In truth, he marked the release of brand-new tune “Seasons” with more shirtless images and rock-climbing action shots on InstagramAug 14.

“For me it’s been the soundtrack to my summer and brings back so many amazing memories of this magical time,” Jared stated of his brand-new track, out now. “Here are a few pics from my summer in the spirit of ‘SEASONS.’ We hope you love it and it brings back all your summer memories too.”