Jennie Nguyen Responds to Her RHOSLC Firing

Jennie Nguyen Responds to Her RHOSLC Firing

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She stated she does not “tolerate” violence which she does assistance police. “I know with every profession there’s good, there’s bad,” the previous Bravo cast member shared. “I don’t support the totality of Black people or with any race, but I do support my law enforcement, but that doesn’t make me racist. To support my political stance, that does not make me racist.”

During the discussion, Jennie acknowledged that she’s made “tons of mistakes” in her life. “Am I going to continue to make the mistakes? Of course, absolutely. Am I going to learn and adapt and teach? Of course I am,” she stated. “But I’m still human. We all we need to understand that we need to support each other.”

The star, who is wed to Duy Tran, included, “What is what matters is I hurt my fans. I hurt the people that out there supporting me and I feel really, really, really awful for that. And I never want to put anyone in that situation, because I don’t promote violence. You know, I understand that Black people suffer a lot and went through a lot, and have dealt with a lot, more than any race on this planet. You have done nothing wrong to deserve pulling over, getting a speeding ticket and end up risking your life.”

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