Jennifer Lopez’s Production Company Beats $40 Million Hustlers Lawsuit – E! Online

Jennifer Lopez's Production Company Beats $40 Million Hustlers Lawsuit - E! Online

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UPDATE: A federal judge has actually dismissed Samantha Barbash‘s claim versus Jennifer Lopez‘s production business, Nuyorican Productions

According to court files gotten by E! News, approved the accuseds May movement to dismiss the case, giving an end the almost year long court fight.

In a declaration to E! News, Barbash’s lawyer shared, “Our client is obviously displeased with the Court’s decision to dismiss this case especially due to the fact that the production company and JLo profited immensely from the use of Samantha’s life and story and Samantha received no compensation. We find a great hypocrisy in the fact that JLo and the director of this movie have held themselves out as being so supportive of women’s rights but yet had no regard for Samantha’s privacy rights as a woman and had no issues profiting from her story even due to her detriment. At this time, Samantha is currently examining all of her appellate options.”

To discover more about the case, checked out the story listed below. 


When life mimics art fails…

Jennifer Lopez is dealing with reaction surrounding her function and participation in the Golden Globes chose movie, Hustlers

According to court files gotten by The Blast, the 50-year-old’s production business, Nuyorican Productions, STX Entertainment, Gloria Sanchez Productions and Pole Sisters LLC is being demanded $40 million dollars by the female who influenced the starlet’ character Ramona in the movie, Samantha Barbash.

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