Jesse Palmer Reveals Surprising Difference With Golden Bachelor

Jesse Palmer Reveals Surprising Difference With Golden Bachelor

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It appears like The Bachelor franchise advanced with Gerry Turner— a minimum of if you ask Jesse Palmer

“I think they just felt like they found the guy,” the host specifically informed E! News about the choice to lastly release The Golden Bachelor “He has just been so incredible. He’s so personable. He’s so loving. He was the perfect person to do this.”

However, Jesse confessed he at first had some concerns about how the season would play out with a 72- year-old lead. While the program would still include the roses and date cards audiences have actually grown to anticipate, he questioned if the cast “would face the same difficulties or challenges” fans see on The Bachelor, The Bachelorette or Bachelor in Paradise

Turns out, the journey is every bit as remarkable. “They do, but there’s a different maturity level,” Jesse discussed. “And I think that just comes from experience in life and emotional maturity as well that the women, that Gerry, have. And the way that they decipher problems, the way that they think about some of the situations that they’re in—whenever they face adversity, it’s pretty interesting. It’s a very, very resilient group of people. That’s probably been one of the more surprising things for me.”