Jessica Chastain Recalls Giving Speech After the Oscars-Slap

Jessica Chastain Recalls Giving Speech After the Oscars-Slap

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The occasions of the 2022 Oscars left many individuals on edge, consisting of Jessica Chastain.

Just minutes after Will Smith slapped Chris Rock, Chastain was up on phase at the Dolby theater, accepting her prize for Best Actress in a LeadingRole

“Well…,” Chastain just recently remembered to Porter, “it was a weird night.”

Despite the run-in taking full advantage of the discussion, Chastain is still happy she took the minute to make an impactful speech that shined a light on suicide awareness.

“I walked into a very charged energy in that room,” the Eyes of Tammy Faye star stated, “and I was trying to figure out…how to just breathe and create a calmness.”

During her Oscars night speech, Chastain discussed suicide being the leading cause of death in the United States and how it disproportionately impacts the LGBTQ+ neighborhood. The starlet, whose sis Juilet passed away by suicide at the age of 24 in 2003, likewise referenced how it impacted her own household when she was on phase.

Looking back at the minute, Chastain stated, “I knew I wanted to touch on that because, with everything that was going on, it was clear that we were moving into an area in our politics of intolerance and discrimination.”

“I didn’t know everything I was going to say and there were moments where I started to get emotional so I pulled it back,” she continued, “but I had an idea of what I wanted to use that global platform to create if I got up there.”